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The highest-quality stamping, welding & assembly

At Austin Tri-Hawk Automotive, we manufacture integrated assemblies and structural supports for automotive companies around the world, with an emphasis on quality control and state-of-the-art equipment.

Who We Are

Located in Austin, Indiana, Austin Tri-Hawk Automotive is dedicated to top-notch equipment, manufacturing processes, technologies, and communications – and to becoming the No. 1 manufacturer in our industry. We supply parts to a number of well-known Fortune 500 companies and are a subsidiary of G-Tekt Corporation, one of the world’s foremost automotive manufacturing companies.

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Our Products

We work with major auto manufacturers including Honda, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota to create crucial vehicle parts and assemblies. All of our products are build for maximum safety, durability and longevity, ensuring our clients can count on every single item that comes off our line. Among the parts we manufacture are:

  • Dash upper duct assembly
  • Dash lower assembly
  • Tunnel assembly
  • Rear seat reinforcement
  • Back panels
  • Seat cross members
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Our Capabilities

We’ll compare our blanking, stamping, and welding processes to any other auto parts manufacturers. We make a point of keeping up on the latest technology to offer our customers the absolute best parts and assemblies, and we utilize a variety of supplemental equipment to ensure the quality of everything we produce.

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We’re always looking for new members of our office and manufacturing teams. Visit our Careers page to check out our current openings and see if we have a role that suits your skills and interests!

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